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voice actor

Thank you for visiting my site.  Please explore the clips posted on the DEMOS tab to see what I could bring to your next voice acting or voice-over project.


You may be familiar with my work in the 2020 short film, “Fluid”, in which I played multiple roles.  In addition, I have produced and acted in several video projects for local youth sports programs and fundraisers.


My training includes workshops with well-known voice actor Dino Andrade in Character Creation, and with Atlanta Voiceover Studios for Commercial and Animation roles.  I continuously attend workshops and training programs in order to improve skills and broaden my talents.  My most recent course was "Advanced Animation" with Debi Derryberry ("Jimmy Neutron") through Atlanta Voiceover Studios.  I have experience working in professional studios and maintain my own personal studio – contact me to discuss the possibility of remote work from my home studio.


My natural voice is that of an adult male, Standard non-regional American accent.  A featured strength is my ability to mimic many accents, both regional American and foreign (Australian, British, Spanish, Russian, etc.).  I can also speak elementary-level Spanish.  I believe it is important to stress the “acting” in voice acting; it is more than just reading lines with an accent or funny voice.  It must be believable – I strive to produce a complete character.


Thank you again for visiting my page.  What can we create together?

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