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Fun Stuff

Friends.  Family.  Activities.  Hobbies.

These are some of the fun things I like to do when not engaged in a work setting.  We are more than our occupation and yet our activities can lend positive experiences to our professional careers (especially acting and voice-acting).

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fun facts

Favorite Color: forest green

Favorite Food: scrambled eggs (just something cool about an easily renewable complete protein)

Favorite movie: Goonies (as a child), Captain America Winter Soldier (as an adult)

Favorite animal/pet: DOGS!  Specifically our American Staffy!

Favorite Sport: Baseball

Favorite Athletes: Freddie Freeman, Don Mattingly, Dominique Wilkins, and Tony Gwynn

Activities: strength training, coaching youth baseball, snow skiing, trail running, outdoor pursuits with friends

Favorite Season: Winter

Hobbies: amateur filmmaking, photography, aviation, wood craft, gaming, improv with friends

Random fact: 40+ hours as pilot-in-command of single engine aircraft

Favorite film/feature with voice-over: the movie "Labyrinth."  This film is pure art and still captivates me today.

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